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  • Working modes:

Speed mode,dancer controlled

Tourque mode,tension controlled.

  • The ACH series accumulators are installed above the cooling trough.
  • Uninterrupted bobbin change while line is running.
  • The ACH seriies accumulators easily adapted to all kind of extrusion line.
  • Constant tension while line is running or bobbin change process.
  • Low inertia pulleys allows negligible tension effect on the cable.
  • When Dancer function is enabled, low friction pneumatic cylinder is udes to work in sensible range.
  • The accumulation carriage is controlled by AC motor.
  • Accumulation carriage position is measured in mm precision and limits are controlled by limit switches.
  • The dancer pulleys position is measured by analog sensors and limits are controlled by limit switches.
  • The operator platform is delivered with the ACH accumulator


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